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Apply the night mode for some of the main Android apps

We teach you how to activate the night or dark mode for a bunch of Android apps that you probably use on the daily.

What to do when WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook are down

We have the perfect solution for when WhatsApp stops working and it’s not possible to use the messaging app.

How to create groups and channels on Telegram

Telegram lets you create groups and channels for exchanging messages and files with tons of people. Here, we explain how to get started.

Telegram 5.3 adds new wallpaper customization options

Chat Background offers new features to change the wallpaper of the official Telegram client for Android.

Telegram now offers streaming and automatic night mode

Telegram has released its version 4.8 with the possibility to play videos without downloading them first, automatic night mode, and the option to log in to other services using your account.

WhatsApp will allow third parties to join the sticker madness

The pending arrival of stickers on WhatsApp is creating plenty of hype for the app and now we’ve discovered that it will be possible for third parties to create their own stickers.

WhatsApp is revving up its new beta version for the arrival...

WhatsApp betas always give us some juicy clues for what’s to come in future versions of the app. Here’s what we now know about stickers and group calls.

Cool new features in Telegram version 4.0: Payments and video messages

Telegram continues to improve its services. Version 4.0 of its app brings new features like payments over the chat app as well as video messaging.

Voice calls come to Telegram in latest update

Telegram finally adds voice calls to its service thanks to the latest update of the instant messaging app.

Telegram for Android now lets you create custom themes

Telegram has just published the new version 3.17 of its official Android client. The main novelty is that you can change the default theme (the standard dark one) and even create your own with the in-app editor.
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