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Here’s a list of all the Nintendo games for Android

Super Mario, Fire Emblem, Yo Kai Watch, Pokemon and Animal Crossing are some of the Nintendo licenses to have landed on the Android ecosystem.

Check out the 2017 British Academy Games Awards Android nominees

The upcoming BAFTA for video games released its list of nominees. This games for Android begin are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Onwards and upwards: A new Android Pokémon game is on the...

Pokémon revisits mobile devices as announces the release of a new video game created by The Pokémon Company.

Android highlights of the week [Feb 13-19, 2017]

This week several interesting Android apps on Uptodown are our top five picks, all of which are well worth a try.

Second generation of Pokemon GO set to arrive this week

This week comes with a brand new update to Pokemon GO that will add 80 Pokemon to Johto among other novelties.

Pokémon GO turns pink for Valentine’s Day event

PokémonGO put together a Valentine’s Day event for you to enjoy a whole lot of free giveaways during these days. You can not miss this.

How to unblock your banned Pokémon GO account

Niantic Labs recently published a banned account appeal form where users whose Pokemon GO accounts were banned due to cheating can recover them by applying. More information on our blog.

Messenger for Pokémon GO adds a chat room to the game

Messenger for Pokémon GO is a stable app that adds chat features to Pokemon GO in order to communicate with nearby trainers within a preset range of distance.

Change your GPS location with Floater Fake Location

Floater Fake Location is a free app for Android that allows you to change your smartphone’s GPS location to wherever you like.

Update out now! Pokemon GO v 0.29.2 for Android

PokemonGO update v. 0.29.2 out now!
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