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The most downloaded instant messaging apps

This infographic shows the most downloaded Instant messaging apps by country on Uptodown.

WhatsApp wins on users, LINE on revenues, and Facebook on growth

We present you a comparison of the main instant messaging services according to their annual revenues and million of users.

LINE for Android launches calling service to mobiles and landlines

Line launches its calling service to mobiles and landlines in the US, Japan, China, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and the Philippines.

LINE gets 2 million users in the 24 hours after the...

After WhatsApp outage, Line has become one of the best options for instant messaging, right behing Telegram.

Number of LINE users tops 300 million worldwide

LINE has reached 300 million users across the world. A little more than six months ago the tool had a 1.5 million users, and now it is on the way to unseating the leader of free messaging, WhatsApp, which now has 350 million active users

LINE gets to 200 million users, and broadens its horizons with...

Not more than two months ago, LINE surpassed 150 million downloads, and now the company has another reason to celebrate: The Korean instant messaging service has reached 200 million users, hot on the heels of WhatsApp. It’s true that LINE took 18 months to get to its first 100 million, but, in just half a […]

LINE grows by 50% in four months and surpasses 150 million...

LINE, the Japanese instant messaging company, increased its downloads by 50% in just four months, positioning itself more as the top rival to the extensive WhatsApp rather than just another option. In January, LINE celebrated its 100-million-user mark, but the interesting thing is that this amazing growth growth of 50 million downloads is centralized in […]

Google unifies all its chat services with Babble. Could it rival...

Google is a giant enterprise with a multitude of projects being developed simultaneously, and it’s normal for certain reduncies to exist, such as what happens with its messaging services. Google has GTalk, the Google+ and Hangouts chat, and you can even chat via Google Drive! Because of this, just as they announced last summer, Google […]

LINE update includes Facebook features and more languages

Just a few days ago we told you about the boom in popularity of this rising instant messaging service. In just one and a half years, LINE is now used at an international level by more than 70 million users, offering new features with each new update that separate it more and more from the […]

Line, the best alternative to Whatsapp

Many of us have seen how in recent weeks an application that had everything that is good about Whatsapp but with additional features that the already established app didn’t have has been spreading like wildfire among users of instant messaging systems. Even though LINE has been around for over a year and a half, its […]
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