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Has Brawl Stars conquered more countries than Clash Royale?

Since its release, Brawl Stars has been leading the top of the Android app charts in many countries. Let’s see if it’s managed to surpass Clash Royale, Supercell’s previous hit.

Clash Royale unveils the first balance update of 2019

2019 is off to a great start with new balance updates in Clash Royale, with the biggest changes coming to the Heal card.

Clash Royale’s new balance update brings good news for the Wizard

The new balance update for Clash Royale is here, and the best news is…they’ll be happening every month from now on!

Clan Wars have finally landed in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has just released an extra special new game mode. Forget about Clan Chests…they’ve been replaced with Clan Wars – available NOW.

The new balance update for Clash Royale is finally here

Clash Royale has switched things up once again with new balance changes that penalize some of the favorite cards from almost every deck.

Why did the Clan Chest go away in Clash Royale?

The next update for Clash Royale will do away with Clan Chests, ending one of the best ways to get new cards in Supercell’s hit game.

Become a professional Clash Royale player with their latest challenge

Supercell’s hit game released their most ambitious challenge yet: overcome the Clash Royale League challenge in order to win the chance to become a professional player.

New balance update for Clash Royale and the unveiling of a...

Clash Royale vuelve a recibir ajustes de equilibrio que nerfean cartas como el Megacaballero o el Barril de esqueletos. Una sorpresa que también llega con la aparición de una nueva carta legendaria.

Nova Wars, a spectacular PVP inspired by Starcraft

Nova Wars : Galactic Clash is a Clash Royale-style online battle game that immerses you in outer space conflicts worthy of Starcraft.

Winners of the Mobile Games Awards 2018 revealed

The winners of the inaugural year of the Mobile Games Awards have been announced, with some surprise winners in a few categories.
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