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Avast! 2014 now available: more simplicity and better performance

Internet user habits have been changing over time and, along with them, the behavior of viruses. Operating systems thus need a protection model adapted to current times. Avast! Antivirus system has just launched the beta 2014, an update that includes changes, improvements, and new features in a reduced size interface.

Three anti-theft apps for your Android phone

Cell phones have become an object that you always carry with you, whether it be in your pocket, your backpack, or in your purse. Unfortunately, smartphone loss and theft happens all too often, even more if you include going on vacation, when a bit of absent-mindedness can end up cost costing you a pretty penny.

Programs controlling your privacy on your Android

Out of all the technology you use in your daily life, the most personal of all without a doubt is your smartphone, where you keep all your private information that you guard carefully for your security. It’s easy for someone to get ahold of this information, whether online or because of your own oversight. So, […]

Five tips for protecting your Android from the threat of viruses

Malware on Android is an increasingly evident reality. Recently, Kaspersky revealed the existence of a new virus for the Google operating system that appears to be very sophisticated, even the likes of those on desktop operating systems. It hadn’t spread very much given how difficult it is to become infected by it. Because of things […]
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