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Keep an eye out for phone calls from fake “tech support”

A new phone scam has extended in many countries claiming to be tech support from Microsoft and attempting to wheedle your personal information

Security and threat control on Uptodown

In Uptodown we seek to offer a clear and transparent service; and to that end we want to give you more details about what makes Uptodown a reliable and trustworthy place to download your applications.

Avast! 2014 now available: more simplicity and better performance

Internet user habits have been changing over time and, along with them, the behavior of viruses. Operating systems thus need a protection model adapted to current times. Avast! Antivirus system has just launched the beta 2014, an update that includes changes, improvements, and new features in a reduced size interface.

Five free antivirus programs to safeguard your computer

According to the most recent biannual report from Microsoft on computer security, practically one-fourth of all computers in the world don’t have an antivirus or any other kind of security software. One of the biggest reasons, in addition to simple user ignorance, is the fact that you have to pay for one. So that this […]
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