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Four (+1) alternatives to AirDroid on Android

AirDroid is the best app to control Android devices from your PC. Unfortunately, due to its recent security scandal, we’ve had to find some alternatives.

AirDroid has finally fixed its security issues

Rest at ease thanks to the new AirDroid fixes that resolved their until now lagging security issues in the latest update to the popular app.

AirDroid comes out in version 4.0 with a design revamp

AirDroid evoluciona a su versión 4.0. con un diseño renovado y con cambios que mejoran aún más esta app para controlar desde el PC tu dispositivo Android.

Best new releases of the month [Dec. ’14]

First stable version for Android Studio, XBMC is now Kodi, Hearthstone for Android, Maps without an Internet connection, Android 3.0…

Leave your Android like new without losing information

If you need to restore your smartphone, AirDroid lets you manage your device and everything on it without running into any problems.

AirDroid 3 beta now available for Windows and Android

AirDroid is one of the most comprehensive programs out there for interacting with your Android device from your PC.

How to view Android notifications on your PC

It’s possible to receive phone notifications on your desktop browser with several tools such as Pushbullet or AirDroid.

The “police virus” comes to Android phones

Koler-A is an Android ransomware that make you believe you’ve committed some IT crime.

Ways to share files between your PC and Android device

There are several ways to share files between your PC and smartphone easily.

Manage your smartphone from your computer with AirDroid

Android, unlike iOS, isn’t a closed operating system, and it lets its customers tinker around with it without asking too many questions. Taking a look at an Android tablet or mobile phone’s contents is usually as easy as connecting it to the computer with a USB cable, and activating the USB storage device. That being […]
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