There is no question that the king of music streaming is Spotify, a service that began in 2008, and which continues to gain followers with the passage of time and its smartphone app. It became so popular that it attempted to compete with powerful digital download platforms such as iTunes, but it seems that it has stopped trying – starting just a few hours ago, you can no longer download music from Spotify.

Beginning this morning, when you try to download any song from the popular web service, even if you have a Premium account, all you get is an error message that redirects you to an FAQ page. There it notifies you that it’s still possible to download the files you’ve already purchased, and that gift cards containing download links still work, but that you can no longer acquire new songs.

At least the music streaming still works without any problems. Spotify hasn’t stated whether or not the change is temporary or permanent, so we’ll have to wait until we hear more.

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