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Every day we see hundreds of headlines in the technology sphere. Here at Uptodown we focus on the most important information related to the world of software, covering everything from the most relevant news items and articles on IT security to advice on online privacy.

Reddit to allow users to upload videos to its platform

Reddit continues to add new features to its platform and from now on will allow Redditors to play videos natively.

BlazBlue RR now available for Android

BlazBlue RR is a new part in the fighting game saga that gave way to other mobile devices adding RPG based gameplay.

Twitter allows users to receive direct messages from accounts they do...

Until today, to be able to send a direct message to another person on Twitter, you had to follow them on your user account. From now on, Twitter will let you enable to option to receive direct messages from any users, whether you follow them or not.

We took a spin around Spaces, Google’s new social app

Google Spaces is a new social media tool that allows groups to publish photos, links, and texts as well as chat with all its other members.

Google Allo 5.0 comes out with new integrated tabs

Google Allo is out with the new version 5.0 implementing interesting features that allow it to have an edge within the world of IM-apps.

Discover a ton of data about the music you listen to...

Spotify has put together the website Spotify.me that brings together a bunch of data on your music consumption habits through the program and the app.

Yahoo Mail gets a revamp and offers 1TB for your email...

Yahoo launches its new email service with a new design both in the web and in the iOS and Android app. It also offer new and improved functions such as 1TB in storage space.

How to manage the time you spend on each Android app

QualityTime is a free app that lets you manage the time you spend using each Android app.

Facebook pages are rolling out nested comments

One of the features that Facebook users were most excited about has finally arrived at the social network: nested comments in conversation threads. Also, this new Replies feature will reorder those who are participating in the conversation according to their relevance. It is simple feature that will undoubtedly improve how you keep track of all […]

Get organized this semester with School Assistant

Get organized and start off on the right foot this school year. Here’s a free Android app that’s super useful for students who have a full course load ahead of them.
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