Lots of people don’t like to mess with tools to organize their to-do lists, as they see using them as more complicated than just memorizing the lists outright. Todoist, Any.do, and Wunderlist are good examples of that: efficient tools for those looking for a high level of customization in their daily planning. To simplify things a good bit, three Israeli kids have arrived with their Accomplish app: a practical and intuitive task organizer for Android.

There are three concepts to keep in mind on Accomplish: tasks, calendar, and alarms. You can create as many tasks as you want in the form of a small box in the color of your choice with a short phrase. All are stored in a list from which you can drag them to any date and time on your calendar, setting their duration as needed. That done, you can decide if you want to get a notification ahead of time to remind you of that task. And there you go. One paragraph explains everything, which gives you an idea of how simple the tool really is.


The notifications can also be customized so you only get a popup or a specific sound; you can also postpone the alarm or silence it completely from the notification itself. There’s nothing else to add, and that’s precisely what makes it so attractive. There are no submenus with elaborate panels full of options, which makes adding an event or task to your agenda a matter of seconds. Your correspondent has never managed to make it through more than a couple weeks using this kind of app, but all indications now point to the likelihood that Accomplish will last much longer on my smartphone.